Hive is the most safe shape, effectively connected structure and a place
where bees are born and bred. Hive Family Counseling Center seeks values
inspired by the shape and structure of hive, such as safety, connection
and growth.

Hive Family Counseling Center began in January 2016 by John Nam, a California licensed marriage
and family therapist, with the vision of ‘Restoring Families through Counseling and Therapy.’


FAther, Mother, I, Love, You

Some say FAMILY is the acronym of FAther, Mother, I, Love, You. Family includes everyone; child, adolescent, adult, couple.
Truly, Family is everyone’s hometown where we are born and raised, so it is pricelessly important.
However, lots of families suffer pain from stresses like wounded hearts and broken relationships.

  • Hive Family Counseling Center provides counseling and therapy programs to make our vision come true.
  • Counseling program is for helping individual, couple and family with depression, anxiety, identity confusion, conflict in couple or family relationship. California licensed marriage and family therapist and seasoned counselor will be with you.
  • Therapy program is for promoting children or adolescents those who has ADHD, separation anxiety, delayed speech development, autism in their adjustment and recovery. Play, language, art and sensory integration therapists are with the program.
  • We will try to do our best for our each client to experience satisfaction in safe and comfortable atmosphere.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to fill out ‘Get in touch!’ form and click ‘send’ button at the bottom of
this page. Or call 010-2387-7633; you can also email at for scheduling or general

You will be asked to provide some initial information over the telephone to help us evaluate if our center is your best treatment
option. We will answer your questions regarding services, fees, confidentiality and what to expect in therapy. You may then be
scheduled for an hour (individual session) or an hour and half (couple or family session) initial assessment session.

Once you are scheduled for the initial assessment, you can confirm your schedule by paying the fees
by doing an account transfer.

*Account information: 국민은행 242401-04-315978 남동우(하이브가족상담센터)

Your initial assessment session is for providing an opportunity for you to build rapport with the counselor
and provide him/her with some background about yourself and the reasons you are seeking counseling.

At your second appointment, you will begin working with your counselor to set goals for your counseling experience and then begin
working together toward achieving them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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[Q] What kinds of counseling is available?
Individual(child, adolescent, adults), couple and family counseling are available.
[Q] Do I need to make an appointment ahead of time?

Yes. Please call email or call us for an initial consultation appointment.

An appointment can be made in person by calling 010-3238-1332 or by e-mailing at

[Q] Do I need to pay counseling fees in advance?
Yes, we confirm your counseling appointment upon receiving counseling fees by account transfer.
[Q] How many sessions should I plan to have?

In general, individual counseling sessions are 60 minutes in length while couple or family counseling sessions are 90 minutes.

Your intake session therapist is likely to talk with you about how many sessions you may need to benefit from counseling.

[Q] Do you offer evening appointments?
Yes, we do. Counseling hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Monday through Saturday.
[Q] Do you offer counseling sessions through phone or Skype?
We do not offer counseling sessions neither through phone nor Skype because of confidentiality and other ethical and clinical concerns.
[Q] How private is my information?

All of our counseling services are confidential; no information is released to others outside our counseling service without our client’s written consent.

There are certain exceptions to this rule. 

For example, we may disclose confidential information when we judge that there is a strong possibility of serious harm being inflicted by you on another person or on yourself; otherwise, we basically keep the confidentiality.

[Q] How much does a session cost?

Our service fees depend on the therapist’s credential and clinical experience. 

We do offer a sliding-free scale. Please contact us for further information.

[Q] What forms of payment do you accept?

We only take cash or wire transfer.

We don’t accept credit cards at this point.

[Q] What about parking?

You can park your car at the parking spaces in the basement of the center building or on the street.

But they are usually occupied early so please use public transport.


Child/Adolescent Counseling

Child and Adolescent Counseling may differ from counseling for adults, and will depend on the child or the adolescent’s age, specific difficulties and their development. Different approaches may be used to encourage them to be able to express their difficulties, such as play(ex. sandbox play, board games) and art(ex. drawing, painting), which help to express themselves including their own feelings. These methods give the counselor a great insight into the unconscious mind of the child. Adolescents may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both, and the counseling approach will depend on a particular individual. Counseling may be provided to a child or to an adolescent individually, or it may be provided to a child or an adolescent as part of a family counseling.

Adult Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a process through which a client works one-on-one with a counselor—in a safe, confidential and caring environment—to explore feelings, behaviors, beliefs or work through influential memories or identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.
Our clients seek individual counseling for a wide variety of reasons, from dealing with depression, anxiety or coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma. A client and therapist may work together for as few as five or eight sessions or as long as several years, depending on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy.

Couple Counseling

Couples counseling is a form of therapy that looks to resolve issues within an intimate relationship and improve communication.
A counselor who offers this form of therapy should have the relevant training to help them work with the dynamics of a couple.
All HFCC’s counselors are experienced couples counselors, especially they are trained and certified for Imago Relationship Therapy.
Imago Relationship Therapy is an effective and compassionate approach to connecting the distance between couple. The principles and practices of the Therapy were first introduced by Harville Hendrix, PhD, in his best-seller “Getting the Love You Want,” have touched the lives of over 100,000 people in about 30 countries.

Family Counseling

Family therapy is a type of counseling that helps family members to resolve conflicts and to improve communication. It may include all family members or just those able or willing to participate. Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your spouse, children, or other family members. You may also address specific issues such as marital or financial problems, conflict between parents and children, or the impact of substance abuse or a mental illness on the entire family.


John Nam, Director

John Nam, Director


  • · Ph. D. Candidate in Counseling Psychology at Soongsil University
  • · MS in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology


  • · California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(MFC 50188)
  • · Certified IMAGO Couple Therapist[Imago Relationship International]
  • · Clinical Supervisor of Korea Family Counseling Association(13-Supervisor-0109)

    Work Experience

  • · Visiting professor at Duksung Women’s Univ.
  • · Visiting prpfessor at Kyungnam University of Science and Technology.
  • · Psychotherpist for English speaking employees at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • · General Director at Korea Family Counseling Center(
  • · Forum member for Chosun Ilbo.
  • · Counselor at Pacific Asian Counseling Services in Los Angeles.
  • · Appeared on TV Chosun, Monthly magazine Health Chosun, Woman Sense, Mom Anpang etc.

    Areas of Counseling Expertize

  • · Individual-child, adolescent, adult, Marital and Premarital Couple, Parenting, Family Therapy.
Mi Jung Lee, Ph. D.

Mi Jung Lee, Ph. D.


  • · Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology at Soongsil University
  • · Ph. D. in Pharmacy at University of Michigan


  • · First-level Family Counseling Specialist[Korean Family Counseling Association]
  • · First-level Multi-Cultural Family Counseling Specialist[Korean Family Counseling Association]
  • · First-level Couple Counseling Specialist[Korean Family Counseling Association]
  • · Certified IMAGO couple therapist[Imago Relationship International]
  • · Approved Active Parenting Now Leader[Dr. Hong Psychology Counseling Center]
  • · Approved Prepare-Enrich Instructor

    Work Experience

  • · Visiting Professor at Hansung University
  • · Visiting Professor at Soongsil University
  • · Visiting Professor at Seoul Graduate school of Buddhism
  • · Expert Advisor of Korea Couple Counseling Society
  • · Expert Advisor of Institute of Couple Family Counseling at Soongsil University
  • · Enneagram Instructor
  • · Parent Education Instructor at World Vision.

    Areas of Counseling Expertize

  • · Adult individual, Marital and Premarital Couple, Parenting, Art Therapy, Group Counseling.


  • Address : Youngtonggu Youngtongro 217-5 (3th floor), Suwon, Gyunggido.
  • Subway : Bundang line Mangpo station Exit 5
  • Parking : Basement in HFCC building or street in front of HFCC building(free). Nearby street parking(2 hours free upon confirmation by HFCC)
  • Office hours : Mon~Sar : 10am to 8pm (Sun, Holiday off).
  • Call : 010-2387-7633(031-203-7633)
  • Website :
  • Email :



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